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Organic dried pineapple, the final product from Uganda
and by-products sold to amortize the pilot operated by TWIGA Sun Fruits GmbH
Credit: Neyer Brainworks

Neyer Brainworks GmbH developed and implemented a turn-key system solution for the agri-food sector together with local partners. Food processing technology and solar energy know-how is transferred and adapted to the local needs of the community. The technology has proven capacity to improve the entire value chain starting from certified organic agriculture, food processing technology, and solar energy supplies up to product sales.

A small batch pilot plant has been established in Kangulumira, Uganda primarily focusing on drying of pineapples. The project combines solar heat, photovoltaic, optimized food processing, and quality management. First techno-economic results as well as social impact analyses show the proof of concept and the base for replicability, scalability of the concept to other agri-food sectors and countries with similar needs.

Design and planning of the entire processing facility including food processing, renewable energy supply, building and process flow for highest hygiene standards as well as a digital traceability system was completely realized by Neyer Brainworks. After construction of the premises and installation of equipment in summer 2023 the plant was successfully commissioned. The technical proof-of-concept has therefore been completed and regular operation is going ahead.

Neyer Brainworks is now working on the standardisation and optimization of the sustainable food system solution for different dimensions as well as applications and agri-food sectors. Beside the technical adaptations, sales and business models will be developed.

At ISEC 2024 Neyer Brainworks present the technical and economic aspects of the pilot solar food processing solution operated by TWIGA Sun Fruits. The plant is amortized through sales of dried fruits and by-products in Europe. Final products produced at the plant will give you a taste of the delicious organic dried pineapples from Uganda. For more information about the dried fruits, check out our shop and visit us at our booth at ISEC 2024.


The facility surrounded by pineapple farmers in Kangulumira, Uganda
Credit: Russel Pictures, Uganda




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